On Tuesday, March 7th, students from BORG Dornbirn-Schoren attended the Fremdsprachenwettbewerb for English at Wifi Dornbirn.


Two of our students, Julian Geiger (8r2) and Caroline Grillmayer (7m) participated in the contest and did an excellent job representing our school.  They both took home a certificate and a book as prizes.  Also in attendance were Fatma Suna (7b) and Lara Freitas (5r).

We congratulate the winner, Cäcilia Fitz of BG Lustenau, and all those who participated.  The competition was very entertaining and thrilling to watch thanks to the candidates’ strong performances.


Kristen Gilbert



V.l.n.r.: Fatma Suna (7b), Caroline Grillmayer (7m), Julian Geiger (8r2), Lara Freitas (5r)

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