On the 26th of September, 2017, students from Schoren attended a ceremony for the awarding of Cambridge Exam certificates. 

Fatma Suna (7b), Aaron Dorner (8itm), Laurin Klocker (8r1) und Johannes Hirt (8r2) received a certificate for their excellent results on the Cambridge Advanced Exam (CAE), which demonstrates ability at the C1 level or higher.

Also in attendance were instructor Kristen Gilbert and headmaster Reinhard Sepp.

We congratulate our students on their highly impressive performances!

 Kristen Gilbert




Bronwyn Konrad, Kursleiterin Kristen Gilbert, Fatma Suna (7b), Johannes Hirt (8r2), Aaron Dorner (8itm), Laurin Klocker (8r1)




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