On Tuesday, Feb. 26th, Dana Capponi (8m) and Tom Rittel (7r) took part in the Vorarlberg English speaking competition at WIFI Dornbirn.



During the first round, our candidates took part in a panel discussion about lying in our society.

Dana was chosen to move up to the second round, where she gave a speech on the topic of binge watching television series.

Despite fierce competition, Dana’s effortless fluency enabled landed her a spot in the third and final round. This time she participated in a role play in which she tried to convince a stubborn English pub owner (played by a native speaker moderator) to let her bring her dog inside.

Her performance won over the judges so convincingly that she took home the first prize, which was awarded on Friday, March 1st, at WIFI Dornbirn.

Thank you to the other Schoren students who came to show their support for Dana and Tom!


Kristen Gilbert



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